Meet Our Team

We're a lean, mean, bootstrap startup in the Boulder, Colorado area with 50 years of combined experience in technology, media and design. Here's a little more about us. You can also get to know our advisors.

Dan Pacheco, Founder and CEO.

  • Pacheco has 17 years experience in digital media at both traditional and pure-play Internet companies, including America Online, and Knight Ridder Tribune. He is also the founder of, the Knight News Challenge-funded project that FeedBrewer grew out of. Pacheco is a well-known digital innovator in the media industry. He was instrumental in getting newspapers to embrace social networking and citizen journalism, having received numerous industry awards for his work in these areas with The Bakersfield Californian starting in 2004. Previously, Pacheco worked as a Principal Product Manager for web-based community tools at America Online, including personal home page and photo-sharing services that were used daily by millions of AOL and AIM users. He first found his "web legs" in 1995 on the launch team for
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Andy Lasda, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

  • Andy Lasda is a developer with a broad technical background, ranging from systems and network architecture to administration and web application development. In his 16 years in the technology sector, Andy has also served in a variety of leadership roles including Project Manager, Technical Program Director and Business Analyst. He has extensive experience in Drupal configuration and custom module development, as well as enterprise-level deployments and performance tuning, and is considered an expert in the Drupal community. He continues to contribute to the community with IRC support, core testing and bug reports, documentation, and new module development. Andy has achieved expertise in the PHP and Perl programming languages, MySQL, and has a working knowledge of many other languages and technologies. Andy graduated from Williamsville South High School in 1990 and attended the University of Buffalo, with a focus on recording engineering and mass communications.