Have High Sales? Sign Up for a Red Carpet Plan.

Last fall we launched BookBrewer as an easy way for anyone to publish an eBook or Print on Demand title. We're committed to continuing to serve everyone who can follow our simple cut-and-paste publishing process and pay our low setup fees. We're proud to now serve an audience of nearly 6,000 authors and publishers, many of whom are publishing their first books.

But as with every new medium, the eBook space has evolved and expanded, and the definition of what it means to self publish is broader. Now authors who already have a large number of books and a following are leaving the comfort zone of traditional publishing and starting to self publish -- effectively filling the role of "publishing house" on their own. These high sellers are keeping more of the resulting sales than ever before thanks to author-friendly royalty terms. And after taking control of their own marketing they're selling more copies in a few months than they sold in an entire year with traditional publishers.

We've worked closely with a few of these types of authors, including Bella Andre, Barbara Freethy, Ridan Publishing and The Huffington Post and have crafted new plans that meet their specific needs. We call these Red Carpet Author Plans. We're now making these plans available to any author who has a demonstrated history of high eBook sales or whose brand recognition means they have that potential.

A Red Carpet Plan has several benefits not available to everyone else, including:

  • Low or no setup fees for new titles.
  • Waived redistribution fees for existing titles as long as sales pass a minimum threshold.
  • More regular sales reports, including daily reports from some retailers.
  • Monthly royalty payments.
  • Discounts on other services, such as manual eBook creation, cover designs and AuthorApps (TM).
  • And finally, strong advocacy for promotion from retailers who are always looking for suggestions on books with high sales potential.

In addition to all these great benefits, Red Carpet authors still keep 95% of royalties -- among the highest available for value-priced self-publishing services. We also now allow your to upload your own ePub files, so you can say goodbye to the "plug and pray" method of uploading Word documents into buggy automated conversion scripts. Finally, if you need help creating a good ePub file, you can copy and paste your chapters into forms to have BookBrewer build your eBook, or we can connect you with an affordable conversion shop to do that part for you.

Interested in moving to a Red Carpet Author Plan? If you're an author with high sales, or represent such authors, please answer the questions on this short form and someone will be in touch.

But we're not stopping there. Every successful author started out with a first book, and we want to see as many new authors as possible work their way into Red Carpet status. If we notice your overall sales increase to more than 500 copies per month and they stay there for two consecutive months, we will proactively reach out to you about moving to a Red Carpet Plan. And we'll also continue to share tips with you about how to do your own marketing, and connect you with other professional service providers who can help you improve your content.